SEO Site Audit

A Search engine optimisation audit ( SEO audit ) will give all the information you need to know, on how to improve your web pages. This in turn will help your website improve in the natural search engine listings.

Our reports give you a breakdown on how your webpages can be improved, we look at:

  • Browser compatibility
  • Speed test
  • Meta tags
  • Anchor Text
  • External links (examine your current back links)
  • Header tags
  • Hidden content
  • Images
  • Sitemaps
  • 404 errors
  • RSS
  • Cached pages
  • Information on linking structure
  • Detailed strategy of how to progress your site
  • On page content check
  • Robot programming advisory

Keyword check

We will check the existing keywords on your web pages  for exposer. If your current keywords are not traffic rich, we will supply you a list of keywords that may be more effective.

SEO audit report

SEO Objectve’s SEO audit report is a very important tool if you are serious about your business’s website.